La Mona Lista

I was born into a family of textile entrepreneurs and as a child I dreamed of following in the footsteps of my parents, with only four years I was scribbling my first designs.

dibujos de diseños

I have to be honest, over the years and seeing all the vicissitudes and obstacles that my parents had to overcome, I reconsidered if I really wanted to be part of this exciting but no less complicated world of fashion. And it is that it is not only luxury and glamor that it hides, it encompasses other aspects related to "fast fashion" that differ a lot from what design means to me.

Although it was presented as a great challenge, I finally decided a few years ago to join the family business and try give back to my parents part of what they gave me. I had to value everything they have taught me but at the same time start from scratch, revitalizing the carefree spirit of the collections, promoting sustainable values and creating a brand with which we can all feel identified, and we are all La Mona Lista !!

Designs with personality, character and authenticity that speak of you in all your versions. Garments with a conscience that do not intend to change the world, but do contribute their bit.

We like to feel very very Monas, not for that less Lists, We choose what garments we want to wear, we know their origin and quality standards .

Of course n or we are perfect but we will do our best to do it well and be better every day, for you, for us.

The Mona List foresee that the learning path will be long, we hope to travel it in your company. So if you want to be up-to-date without giving up values and social responsibility, sign up for The Mona Ready !!