Our sustainable granite

Sustainability is a continuous learning that we start every day. We understand that there are many ways of doing things, we put all our efforts to do them ethically well. S We are aware that there is still much to improve, that is our commitment and therefore we will need your collaboration!

Garments that aspire to sustainability.

Re-use It is one of the keys that makes up the universe of La Mona Lista. In fact, one of the ways to connect with our creative and sustainable part is to imagine a new use of things: both from existing fabrics in our warehouse and from garments that are given a second life through a modeling process. This means that many of our new design proposals materialize through the customization of models in stock from previous seasons, thereby reducing the environmental impact.

Ruedas de telas y tejidos naturales de alta moda. Concepto de industria de la costura

In addition, we have numerous pieces designed with fabrics in stock that combined with high-quality materials and sustainable fabrics , allows us to create contemporary but timeless garments, made to last !!

Proximity and transparency.

We are very committed to transparency throughout the entire manufacturing process. For this reason, all our garments are made in Andalusia by dressmakers with whom we maintain very direct contact.

La Mona Lista bets on sustainable values in its manufacture and vindicates the role of the local industry with garments made by hand using traditional sewing techniques. A local production that favors processes with less environmental impact.

Cerrar la vista de la máquina de coser en funcionamiento

The La Mona Lista team is our family and taking care of it is an essential requirement for us, especially in times of fast fashion and excess consumption.

We bet on the female empowerment. 90% of our team are women, all management positions are led by women and we think every day of the women to be able to dress, because clothes become our ally, giving us more power and security.


We believe that shipping wrappers often cause unnecessary plastic waste that has a strong environmental impact. For this reason, our packaging has been previously studied and selected so that it complies with environmental requirements. We only use recycled and recyclable cardboard for our packaging and labels complying with the XXXX STANDARD.
In addition, we adjust the dimensions of the container for better transportation. With this, we save space in transport, which means lower energy consumption and lower storage costs.
From our small reality, we want to offer our grain of sand in pursuit of achieving a sustainable world that is both beautiful and welcoming.
Recommendation La Mona Lista : Moderate consumption, rearrange the closet and donate or exchange the clothes you don't wear. Together we are stronger!